Hygropeter - Hann.Münden 1997-2000 / EXPO 2000

This object makes an almost immaterial aspect of water is become visible: humidity.
Attached to a l0 meter high half column of stainless steel there are four identical humidity-sensitive wind objects mounted in bearings. The pointer in these elements is moved by humidity-sensitive cords, which span around the objects. The red pointers can position themselves between vertical (dry) and horizontal (wet). The actual position of the pointers adds a serial ornament which is dependent upon the actual humidity.
If the red squares are up, the actual humidity reading at eye level becomes visible in the bottommost row of blue light diodes. As in the mechanics described above, the varying element is a humidity-sensitive bundle of cords placed over a spool which transfers changes in length into a turning movement. A potentiometer transforms this mechanical measure into an electronical one. This reading is adjusted at the beginning of every hour and is legible in the lowest row of light diodes, the previous readings move up one notch
(a single illuminated dot = dry; all dots in a line illuminated = wet).
Hence, a day/night pattern created a picture that is dependent upon the momentary measure of humidity. The 24 lines of the LED-indicator add up to an image comprised of the readings from the last 24 hours.
The 10-meter-high spoon windmill helps visualize the racing air molecules.

Edelstahl / Luftfeuchtigkeits empfindliche Fadenbündel

Contractor : Stadt Hann. Münden, 34346Hann.Münden
Project Planners:

BSF, Schwerin

Artists involved in
The Project Traces
Of Water:

A. Bosshard, Zürich ( CH), H. Dreiseitl, Überlingen
D. Heisig, Hannover, H.W. undJ.Kalkmann, Bodenburg
W. Roßdeutscher, Sohlen, U. Westerfrölke, Köttelbach


Prof. D. Ipsen / A. Wehrle, GHK Kassel


Prof. H.G. Burkhard, PPL Hamburg