Wasserkönig - Hann.Münden 1997-2000 EXPO 2000

A work created by U. Westerfrölke for the art project "Traces of Water” at the EXPO 2000

The Wasserkönig (Waterking ) is a periodically defined object, in a manner of speaking it is the conductor’s baton for the entire installation. A 6,5 meter long brass tube is slowly filled with water through an external water pipe. As the water level rises, it forces a 4m long, red fiberglass pole within to rise, reflecting the change taking place within. When the tube is full, a conical valve attached to a float is unplugged and the accumulated water sprays out through a bronze figure by D. Heisig. Two bulleyes allow a viewer to watch the actual lifting of the valve. Additionally, small loudspeakers have been installed in the mounts supporting the external water pipe which transpose noises and voices from the soundpool of A. Bossard onto the brass tube. The rhythm of filling and draining produces the pulse for the sound installation by A. Bosshard in three different areas. A glass fiber light and lenses illuminate the valve and the red guage in the dark.


h = 650 cm -1050 cm Ø = 30 cm


Messing / Edelstahl und Glasfaser

Contractor: Stadt Hann. Münden, 34346Hann.Münden
Project Planners:

BSF, Schwerin

Project Planners:
In the Project
Traces of Water

A. Bosshard, Zürich ( CH), H. Dreiseitl, Überlingen
D. Heisig, Hannover, H.W. undJ.Kalkmann, Bodenburg
W. Roßdeutscher, Sohlen, U. Westerfrölke, Köttelbach


Prof. D. Ipsen / A. Wehrle, GHK Kassel


Prof. H.G. Burkhard, PPL Hamburg