Vogelschwarm - HAGEN - 1997-2001

A group of four mechanical objects stand upon a water table; the existing relationships between the paths and grass spaces define the position and form of the table. The mechanics are placed between two stainless steel plates, enabling a transparent, finely structured and yet vandalism-resistent construction. The number of objects correlates to the possible combinations of two plates on a base., barring repetition (outwardly opened, inwardly opened, an area between the plates and parallel alignment).
The stream of water squirts through a mechanical waterwheel, equipped with an excenter, a detouring lever and a jet nozzle, which defines its form. The ensuing water images range from a "water plate” to a "jet stream”.
The water images, the hydraulical mechanics, the form and tilt of the steel plates are reminiscent of birds preparing to fly off. The newly built café, the children’s playground, the clearly defined paths and the kinetic water object combine to create a highly inviting public space in the city’s center, an area which has been adopted by a great variety of groups.
Contractor: Stadt Hagen, 58042 Hagen
Redesign of
The Volkspark
incl. Water Table

Dept. of Parks, City of Hagen
Cityplanner J. Dieckmann, U. Westerfrölke

Kinetic Water Object:

Concept and Construction Ulrich Westerfrölke / Köttelbach

Water Technic:

Aquaform / Langen